Covid-19 Safety Measures

At Laurentian Ski Hill your safety is the most important part of our business.  Be it on the hill, or in the chalet, we are putting safety measures in place to keep everyone healthy and able to continue to do what they love.... to ski and snowboard.

In this new world we are living in there are going to be changes from the usual.  As these changes come up we will endeavour to keep you apprised of anything new. Here are some established changes so far.  Remember, in this ever changing world, these are subject to change.

Updated November 1

  • Masks will be required at all times indoors and in lift lines

    Did you know?  A proper mask is a much better option than just a balaclava or a buff, which turns droplets into aerosol. Kombi has developed a whole line of winter PPE with removable filters.  They will be for sale at the front desk. 

  • If possible we ask guests to come to the hill ready to hit the slopes with boots on.

    In our efforts to maintain physical distance within the upper chalet, we are offering outdoor heated areas to gear up.  And of course we will offer alternatives for extenuating circumstances.

  • At this time we don't see any need to limit daily lift ticket sales

    We thought that we may need to limit day ticket sales, however, that doesn't seem to be the case at this point. We will let you know if you have to purchase tickets in advance.

  • Lift tickets, snacks and drinks will be available through our new ticket windows. 

    You will see the new path from the front doors guiding you around the building to our ticket windows.  It will be fully signed as well.  If at all possible, please use contactless payment. 

  • Please ride the lift with your family or social bubble.

    "If you arrive together, ride together". Please families, ride the chairlift with your kids to help make the lift line as efficient as possible.

  • Renting? Please call ahead to reserve your equipment.

    We will endeavour to have your equipment ready for you when you call ahead to reserve your gear or book a lesson requiring rentals.

  • The upper chalet will be open for:

    Rentals, lesson registration, bathrooms and warming as space permits.  Please mask up before coming inside.   Warming up will be time limited, and please sit with your bubble to maximize space in the chalet.

  • We are looking at other options for warming up outside!

    For now the doors from the parking lot will be for accessing the front desk, bathrooms and rentals, while the double doors facing the beginner hill will be for warming up.  There will be some heated outdoor spaces as well.  We have your back, and your toes!!

  • The firepit at the top of the Terrain Park will be going regularly to keep you warm

     Our dedicated volunteers spent hours cutting, splitting and piling the wood we saved from cutting our new run last year.  Thanks to them,  we should have enough wood to keep you warm all season long.

  • Need to come inside to warm up?

    Please use the double doors at the far end of the building to access the upper lodge for warming up.  This is the best way we can see to keep count of people in the building.

Latest Updates

Updates coming soon!