Interested in Rentals?

Taxes and Fees not included in pricing.

Equipment Half Day Full Day
Complete rental package (with helmet) $28 $35
Snowboard, Skis or Snowblades only N/A $30
Boots only N/A $20
Poles only N/A $10
Helmet only N/A $10
Rental Season Pass N/A $300
Child's rental (5 yeas and under) N/A $15
Family rental $88.50 $101.77
Snowshoes (for use on trails adjacent to Laurentian Ski Hill) $10
A Visa or MasterCard imprint and parent/guardian signature (if under 18) is required for every rental.
Tuning Shop
Edge Sharpen & Detune $14
Basic Wax (Drip wax and polish) $19
Standard Tune (Side edge sharpen, drip wax and polish) $34
Full Tune (Base grind, side edge sharpen, drip wax and polish) $49
Equipment Repairs Contact us
Bi-Ski Rentals
Laurentian Ski Hill has a Bi-Ski available for rent. Find out more about Bi-Ski here.